“A Delicate Balance,” currently on Broadway in an all-star revival, is a fascinating reading of Edward Albee’s play with a high-powered cast that is not always in sync with each other. Nonetheless, it proves to be a worthy evening in the theatre.

Albee’s matriarchs all seem to be based on his all to absent real life mother, as Hilton Als points out in his perceptive review (The New Yorker, December 1, 2014). A sense of dread hangs over all the characters, not just Clare Higgins (an outstanding performance) and Bob Balaban as Harry and Edna, the best friends of Agnes (Glenn Close) and and Tobias (John Lithgow). Harry and Edna, frightened by some existential dread, arrive, seeking shelter and succor. While there is mostly a revelation of secrets and fears among the eix principals, there is, in this one of Albee’s most perceptive plays, no real solutions.