I have found “All The Words on Stage” to be invaluable to my work with Shakespeare since its publication twelve years ago. When my co-author Shane Ann Younts approached me about turning the book into an App, I immediately agreed to investigate the process. In reading over our contract, we discovered that the electronic rights to the book had reverted to us. We happily embarked on the development of the project.

I’ve been a part of a program called Shakespeare for Teachers at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California almost from the time of its inception about ten years ago. One day during the summer of 2013 as Lou Fantasia was introducing me to that year’s crop of teachers, he cited me as one of the co-authors of “All the Words on Stage.” A couple of teachers immediately cried out, “is there an app for the book.” Thus, when Shane Ann raised the issue, I was well primed.

Another reason I wanted to do it was to renew our collaboration. Although Shane Ann and I teach at the same school, we work in different departments and have not had the opportunity to work together since our book was complete. Another was the desire to amend and re-write certain sections of the text about which our collective thinking had evolved over the decade since publication. Yet another was to fix a few (very few, thank goodness) that had slipped by us during the final editing process.

We have worked since late last spring in reviewing, recording, and editing the printed text to provide an expanded set of listeners and readers with our work, which has proved valuable to professionals, students, and casual readers in print format. We trust that it will continue to be valued in this new format.